Brian Wertman
Certified Personal Trainer & Instructor


Brian began his education by obtaining a degree in Graphic Design at Virginia Marti College. Being an athlete all of his life, he soon came to realize his heart was in living a healthy lifestyle and more importantly, helping others do the same. Deciding to make a career change, he sought out Personal Training and became a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute of Ohio. Brian’s athletic background primarily includes wrestling where he worked as the Head Coach for Wickliffe High School and also competed at the collegiate level for Cleveland State. He also has experience in the martial arts of Muay Thai and Jui Jitsu where he competed at the amateur level and taught youth MMA programs. Brian is an avid runner and frequently leads a pack of EP members in various races throughout the year.

Fun Facts About Brian

Born and Raised: Eastlake, Ohio

Favorite Food: Crab legs and lobster

Favorite thing to do when he’s not at Empowering Punch: Hiking/trail running, trying new restaurants

Interesting thing fact: He’s an artist / designer

Favorite thing about personal training: Helping people change their lives and enhance their self-esteem

  • Brian is no nonsense trainer but he gets the job done. He is committed to helping you achieve your goals. He has always been able to offer positive feedback when I stumble in my journey to obtain my goals. His training methods are often challenging but always effective. Brian is a fabulous trainer and I would recommend him to all of my friends.

  • I was pretty nervous starting personal training at Empowering Punch. I had never done it before and wasn’t sure what to expect. The moment Brian and I started training together I knew that my fitness and health were going to improve vastly. Brian challenges me every time we train together. Every session is different with him. He is always making sure that I am setting goals and reaching them with his help. What I think is even more important, though, is that Brian listens to me. Weight loss is not easy and Brian is with me every step of the way. I know I can always come to him when I’m struggling or need some advice. Brian has become more than a trainer to me. He is a friend and someone I look up to as someone who doesn’t stop until he reaches his goals.