Danyl Scianna
Owner / Certified Personal Trainer

A true ‘tomboy’ at heart, Danyl naturally excelled in athletics. Always the smallest in the group, she thrived on being stronger and faster than all the other kids fueling her competitive fire. She started competitive speed skating and soccer at the age of 7 and continued all the way through college. Dabbling in everything else from volleyball and softball to mountain bike racing and karate, she eventually found her true calling in Personal Training.

Being a little bit of a ‘nerd’ as Paul calls her, she went the business route in college and earned her degree in Marketing and Advertising. She worked in ad agencies right out of school while always continuing to teach class and train clients as a second job.

Her career path really took shape when she accepted a position in corporate marketing for Bally Total Fitness. It was the perfect marriage of her passion for fitness with her education.

Danyl is certified in Personal Training and Pre-Natal Fitness through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and certified in Specialty and Group Fitness through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, BOSU and Shotokan Karate. Her fitness background comes primarily from soccer and speed skating, which developed into a pure passion for athletic performance.

Danyl’s training specialty is shaping and sculpting muscles to achieve a tight, toned appearance, but her client successes always stem from her experience in wellness coaching.