Paul Scianna
Owner / Certified Personal Trainer

Best known for his extreme weight loss successes, Paul Scianna has raised the bar for fitness results. Whether you are the stay-at-home mom trying to lose 10 lbs, the professional athlete searching for that extra edge of performance or the 400 lb man fighting to walk up a flight of stairs…Paul’s Empowering Punch will get you there!

Born and raised in New Jersey, he hangs his boxing gloves in Cleveland, Ohio which he now calls home. At a very early age, it was remarkably evident that he would be a true leader in the world of fitness. Paul had an innate ability to excel in every aspect of athletics. While attending Kent State University, this natural talent exploded in the ring, beginning his amateur boxing career.  Excelling quickly in the sport, he made his professional debut on Fox’s reality TV show, The Next Great Champ with Oscar De La Hoya.

Combining his years of experience with various styles of fitness and performance training, Paul began developing his own unique recipe to transform the body. Having to make weight for sports like boxing and wrestling, increase speed and agility for track and baseball and build muscle mass and overall strength for football, he has literally taken his body from one extreme of the physical spectrum to the other. Years of research and experimentation with different nutrition plans and strategic tweaking of strength, endurance and performance training has allowed him to pinpoint the formula for success.

Paul’s love of boxing had a hidden fate of its own. Recognizing the tremendous caloric expenditure that results from a conventional boxing workout, he draws from his years of training regimes. By incorporating this unique cardio segment with his conditioning and nutrition plan, his training program has proven to burn fat and calories like no other. Clients quickly experience astonishing changes in their bodies. Not only are they learning sharp, solid techniques, they are shedding weight, developing lean muscle mass and realizing an overwhelming sense of confidence from their training sessions. Constantly challenging himself, just as he challenges his clients, Paul incessantly “walks the walk” and never fails to lead by example.

Paul is certified in Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has been a professional boxer since 2004. He is also a licensed boxing coach through USA Boxing Association.