Typical Fitness FAQ's

Do I need to know how to box to take a class?

Absolutely Not! Everyone has to start somewhere and there are new people in every class. The instructors will teach you the basic punches and movements during the warm-up enabling you to join right in with the rest of class. Although you don’t need experience, you do need to go through the warm-up instruction period so please arrive 15 minutes early to class. Once the warm-up begins, no late-comers will be permitted to participate.

Do I need to own boxing gloves to take a class?

No. We provide boxing gloves if you do not have your own. If you have your own, you are welcome to wear them. For your first class, the gloves are free. After that, there is a $1.00 rental fee per day.

Do I need to be in shape to take any of these classes?

Absolutely Not! All classes at Empowering Punch are taught by certified personal trainers that will help you make any adjustments necessary for you to work at a comfortable fitness level. We demonstrate modifications and advanced moves for all exercises to ensure participants at all fitness levels can get a great workout. We have all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels all taking the same classes and working to their appropriate capacity.

Am I going to get punched in boxing class?

Only if you don’t duck. Just Kidding! We have 2 types of boxing classes – Fitness Boxing and Boxing Fundamentals. Fitness Boxing is completely non-contact. You will learn basic skills and get a great cardiovascular workout. Boxing Fundamentals is for more serious boxers wanting to sharpen their skills and really learn how to box. If you are interested in sparring, once the instructor feels you are ready, you will have the option to spar with a suitable partner.

Will I be working out in front of everyone in the Mall?

No. All personal training sessions are held in the private training studio. Classes are held in the the main area however you are not recognizable from the mall corridor due to the distance. AND – we promise you that once the music starts and class begins, you’ll be so engaged in class, you’ll forget all about the mall.

What is the difference between Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing?

You will learn proper form in Boxing and Kickboxing for throwing punches. Boxing is taught in an authentic “boxing workout” format focusing more on technical skill. The workout runs in 2 or 3 minute rounds incorporating interval bursts of cardio and strength training and doesn’t include kicks. Kickboxing is more cardio-based and includes martial art style kicks and movements. It is recommended that you take Fitness Boxing before taking Kickboxing.

How do I redeem my Groupon?

If you’ve purchased a Groupon, you must redeem it in person at Empowering Punch before you will have access to schedule classes online. Once we have you entered into our system, you will be able to schedule classes at your convenience for the term of your Groupon. Reservations are required for classes as space is limited. You may call in advance to schedule your first class and then bring in your Groupon at that time. Please come at least 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork, get acquainted with the studio and meet your instructor.

What should I wear to classes?

Any type of comfortable athletic/exercise apparel is fine. We have changing rooms and lockers to safely store your belongings. Please bring a separate pair of gym shoes with you for class. No street shoes are permitted on the workout floor – only clean, dry gym shoes are acceptable to wear in class as the surface gets very slippery when dirty or wet.

Can I just show up for a class?

We STRONGLY encourage reservations. Although we’re happy to welcome anyone into class if there is room, in most cases, that is not the case. Making a reservation in advance will hold your spot to ensure you get into class whereas a walk-in is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We only require a 2-hour notice to cancel any class without penalty so making reservations in advance is definitely the safest route.

What if I'm under 18 years of age?

We offer youth classes for ages 6-12. Anyone 13 years of age and older can take any class on the adult schedule. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian accompany you to the first visit to sign the liability waiver and consent form. After that, minors may attend class without parental supervision.

NOTE – parents/guardians can only sign for their own children; they cannot legally sign for another minor. No one is permitted to participate in class without a signed waiver.

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