How It Works

1) Order your meals either online or in person at the EP front desk. All orders must be paid in full.

2) Start ordering NOW! Meals can be ordered for pick up next Tuesday, Nov 21st. The LAST DAY to order is this Saturday, Nov 18th by 2:00pm. Late orders will not be accepted.

3) There are no minimums. You can order as few or as many of whichever meals you like – AND can mix and match lunch and dinner portions.

  • The meals will be ready for pick-up by Noon on Tuesday
  • It is the responsibility of the consumer for a timely pick-up
  • The meals have a 5-day shelf life
  • EP will hold all orders until the following week’s delivery. Any unclaimed meals will be discarded at that time.
  • All meals are non-refundable
  • You do not need to be a member of EP to purchase meals

This is the process happens every week. The orders do NOT auto-renew. You must actively place your orders each week to receive a new order every Tuesday.

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