Discover How Virtual Training Can Transform
Your Body….Anywhere, Anytime!


  • Certified Personal Trainer: You will be assigned your own Certified Personal Trainer that will guide you on everything from food, to workouts to rest days.

  • Custom-Built Nutrition Plan: Our meal plans are designed by registered dieticians and change monthly as your body changes. Our trainers continuously make adjustments and tweaks to keep you from hitting plateaus or getting bored with your food. Whether it’s low fat, carb-cycling, intermittent fasting, vegan or a basic well balanced diet, we figure out what works for you and build it around your lifestyle and schedule. We also make sure it includes the foods you love because if you don’t like it, you won’t follow it!

  • Live Fitness Classes: Empowering Punch App Access: This is where the magic happens! Everything you need for success is right at your fingertips! Your fitness program, custom meal plans, progression photos, data tracking and direct access to your trainer is all right here! In case you can’t make a live class, you have hundreds of videos to choose from that can be done anywhere, anytime. Fitness success has never been easier!

  • 24/7 Facebook Support Group: You are not in this alone! Not only will you be included in live fitness classes, you’ll be invited into our community Support Page. It’s therapy, motivation, inspiration, education, information and everything else that comes from being surrounded by an amazing fitness family all sharing the same goal – to look better, feel better and be healthy! It’s accountability at its finest by way of positive peer pressure!

  • Monthly Goal Setting Strategy Calls: In addition to your weekly check-ins, once a month, you will have a Zoom call with your trainer to meet (virtually) and discuss next month’s goals and instructions. Your trainer will continually modify your nutrition and fitness guidance based on how you are progressing to ensure your success.