Marathon Training and Fitness

The weather is still warm and sunny out, and we’ve all been cooped-up for way too long. That’s alright! The point now, is to keep that body of yours moving. With the fall and winter approaching, it is the perfect time to train for marathon races you have on your calendar.

Building-up to a marathon race is no easy feat – we’ve been there and so have many of our clients. The end goal, however, no matter what the race means to you, is to leave your body in better shape than when you began your fitness journey.

Under normal circumstances, training may have taken place on outside tracks or around your local neighborhood…heck, even maybe inside a gym! However, due to the onset and communal spread of Covid-19, those training sessions of the past have now been moved to utilizing indoor equipment and home gyms. And did you know that your team here at Empowering Punch has evolved our hours and caters to those looking to utilize state-of-the-art equipment, even during a pandemic? We’re looking forward to assisting you in getting over that finish line.

Have you heard of the “One-Two” method? Try our Fitness Boxing class with Empowering Punch co-owner, Paul Scianna.

Are you into weight-training? You may want to book at PT session with one of our expert trainers.

The key to mastering long-term fitness goals is to map out a well-rounded strategy for yourself, namely to work every muscle group in your body and train them, then to work as a well-oiled machine once you’re out in the open and beyond.

And by training your muscles – as well as your internal organs (such as your heart and lungs) –  to work as a team, you’ll allow your breathing to improve. You will even become more toned over time, regardless of what your original fitness goals may have been. Our team at Empowering Punch certainly can assist with any fitness goals you may have, including formulating a professional meal plan.

Did you know that exercise alone is also one of the key components that strengthens the human immune system? Be consistent not only with how you train and where, and with what food you intake at this time, but also how you sleep and care for the shell that is your body.

Consistent workout routines keep you on track for life.

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