The Empowering Story

The Dynamic Duo

It’s the story of “Boy Meets Girl”…in a gym. In 2006, Paul Scianna was working as a trainer in what was then the Broadview Heights Bally Total Fitness. Danyl Steele, the Marketing Director for Bally at the time, was doing some work in Paul’s club when he spotted an unfamiliar face. Paul being Paul approached her immediately to introduce himself. He flashed his welcoming smile, gave her the typical Jersey “How you doin?” and the rest was history.

After dating for 3 years and realizing they both eat, sleep and breathe fitness, they got married (to the soundtrack from Rocky no less) and created their vision of fitness done right. Professional boxer turned Personal Trainer combined with Personal Trainer turned Marketing Director made for an unstoppable team. Enter Empowering Punch.

What most don’t know is that the concept actually began while Paul was doing in-home training. He had clients of all ages, shapes and sizes and trained them all in their living rooms. Along with his magical method of weight training, he incorporated his personalized boxing workouts into everyone’s regime. The results were staggering and soon the demand became too much for a one-man show. The next step was crystal clear in both of their minds.

It was time to open the doors to a dream come true for these inherent gym rats. Having been around the block in the fitness industry, their combined experience was priceless. The philosophy was simple: Unparalleled results, outstanding customer service and no attitudes.

Keeping true to their promise, they have successfully created that exact environment. Clients transform their bodies and minds every day, everyone is greeted by name and the entire member base is a welcoming and supportive family to one another.

The staff is a carefully selected extension of the Scianna’s passion and work ethic. The goal of each team member is to provide an amazing experience every class, every workout and every day.

“Empowering people with the inspiration, motivation and education to change their lives is incredibly rewarding. It’s why we do what we do.”

– Paul and Danyl Scianna


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