Personal Training

Need some personal attention and motivation?

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is the most accurate, effective and fastest way to achieve your health and fitness goals.The results you achieve with a personal training program are unparalleled. Our team of professionals take away all of the guesswork and provide you with a specific road map on how to achieve your goals. Your personal program will be so customized and tailored to meet your needs; the results can be compared to ordering your new body right out of a catalog!

Getting started with Personal Training

First we want to know you. What finally made you decide to take the step? What challenges have you faced in the past? How long has it been since you were happy with your body? Where do you struggle with your eating habits? We need to understand what makes you tick to properly build your program.

Next we need to determine your fitness level. We’ll conduct a standard fitness assessment that will indicate your physical strengths and challenges telling us where we need to start. From there, we will prescribe a customized program that works around your schedule and lifestyle.

Benefits of Our Personal Training Programs

  • Weekly weigh-ins to hold you accountable
  • Monthly Fitness Assessments to track your progress
  • Customized meal plans approved by a registered dietitian
  • Private one-on-one training
  • Off-day training instruction
  • Food journal analysis and coaching
  • Before and after pictures to show your transformation

Personal Training for Buddies & Groups

Customized Buddy and Group Training programs that will keep your group motivated and on the right path to results for everyone involved. Our Buddy and Group Training programs begin with a Free consultation and fitness assessment for everyone, followed by a sample training workout that will be fun and challenging at the same time. In addition to your fitness program, every group member will receive a customized meal plan approved by our registered dietitian.

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