Fitness Class Terms & Conditions


Fees and Charges

Registration Fee for auto-billing fitness class packages is a one-time fee as long as client remains active. All fees are paid each month, 30 days from purchase date via electronic funds transfer (EFT). First monthly fee and any applicable registration fees are due at point of sale. Automatic monthly payments will be charged to client’s credit card or debited from client’s bank account. All package fees are subject to change.

  • Individual Fitness Package
    Any individual age 13 or older.
  • Couple Fitness Package
    Any two (2) individuals in an immediate family living in the same household.
  • Family Fitness Package
    Up to 4 individuals in an immediate family living in the same household. $15 add-on fee for additional family members.
  • Youth Fitness Package
    Any individual ages six (6) to twelve (12) years of age. Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to authorize initial registration.


All Unlimited Fitness Class Packages entitle active clients to unlimited participation in all fitness classes, subject to availability (and age permitting). Reservations are required for all classes as space is limited. Clients are permitted to register for classes up to seven (7) days in advance to reserve class space. If reservations are not made and class is at capacity, client will not be accepted into class. Clients may register through the online scheduling system, in person or by phone. Email reservations are not permitted.


Active client status means client currently holds either a personal training package or fitness class package that is not expired.

Upgrade / Downgrade

If a client chooses to upgrade status, i.e.: from Individual to Couple, on the billing date, the current fitness class package will be cancelled and resold as the upgraded status. If upgrade occurs in the middle of a billing cycle, the current fitness class package will be prorated for the remaining days of the cycle and credited to the client’s account. Registration fees will apply where applicable. Client may downgrade one time per agreement year. Additional downgrade requests will incur a $10 fee per occurrence. No refunds will be issued for downgrades.

College Student

Clients attending college further than fifty (50) miles from Empowering Punch are not subject to paying a registration fee. Client must provide proof of current, non-local college ID at point of sale.

Medical Hold

Empowering Punch will suspend both monthly payments and time for illness/injury preventing a client from physical activity. To be eligible for a medical hold, client must present medical documentation from a physician/hospital stating date of required suspension as well as date of return. If date of return isn’t known at time of suspension, it must be presented at time of return to resume active client status and receive credit for time missed.

Fitness Class Package Freeze

Clients may utilize a Fitness Class Package Freeze one time per year without penalty. (Year is based on client’s billing cycle). A Freeze is a temporary suspension of monthly payments and time for any reason without falling penalty to an inactive status. Class package freezes may not exceed thirty (30) days in term and must be consecutive. Additional breaks in class packages are at the cost of the client. Should a client request another break in class package during the billing year in addition to a utilized freeze, the client would either cancel the package and be subject to a registration fee with the purchase of a new package, or forgo the lost time and continue monthly payments to avoid a cancellation. Freeze status affects all clients included in the class package.

Fitness Class Package Cancellation (Auto Billing)

Client may cancel a fitness class package for any reason at any time with written notice. Cancellation notification must be received prior to the monthly billing date to stop payment from being deducted. If cancellation notice is received after a billing date, client will remain in active status for the remainder of that month as classes are paid in advance. Once a class package is cancelled, client will be subject to paying any applicable registration fees with new purchase.

Class Reservation Cancellation

Clients must inform Empowering Punch two (2) hours in advance of a scheduled fitness class to cancel without penalty. Failure to inform EP of any cancellations within two (2) hours of the scheduled class will result in an automatic class deduction or $10.00 cancellation fee (for unlimited packs) per occurrence. Cancellations can be made via online scheduling, phone or in person. Email or Facebook cancellations are not acceptable.

Personal Training Cancellation

  • Personal Training – Packages
    Training packages can only be cancelled within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days, the package is non-refundable but is transferable. If training package is cancelled prior to completion, client will be charged the single session rate for all sessions used. If package was paid in full, the remaining balance after the charged sessions will be refunded via original method of payment.
  • Personal Training – Appointments
    Clients must inform Empowering Punch by 6:00 p.m. the eve before the scheduled training appointment to cancel without being charged for a forfeited session. Failure to do so will result in an automatic session deduction.

Fitness Class 12-Session Package

Fitness Class 12-Session Package is not-auto-billed, noncancellable and non-refundable but is transferable one time. A drop-in option is also available by paying on a per-class basis. Non auto-bill packages are not subject to a registration fee.

Fitness/Nutrition Package

Fitness/Nutrition packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Anyone participating in fitness activities must sign a liability waiver, have photo taken and present a valid ID for security purposes. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to authorize initial registration. All clients must check in for services with their assigned EP key tag. There is a $2.00 replacement fee for a new key tag.


Unless otherwise specified in writing, clients give permission for photos and/or videos to be taken for future brochures, print collateral, advertising, etc. and/or published without attribution on the Empowering Punch website without compensation.

Dress Code / Conduct / Revocation

Proper workout attire and athletic shoes required at all times. Outside shoes are not permitted on the workout floors. Empowering Punch reserves the right to decline or terminate access to its facility and services to anyone who fails to display respectful behavior, comply with the Terms and Conditions or presents a conflict of interest to the business operations of Empowering Punch.


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